The Naval Museum of Québec

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Summer opening hour (June 12 to August 31) :
Tuesday to Sunday 10h to 12h and 13h to 17h ; Closed on Mondays

Don't miss : The artifacts from H.M.S. Jeffy Jan II, including its 1940-1942 log book.

Pirates or Privateers?

They were…          
French, Canadian, British, Aboriginal or American, Feared in time of war; Pillagers and raiders

They were…
Intrepid seafarers, but not all of them were pirates!

They were…
Pirates or privateers? Taking ships down on the St. Lawrence.


Meanders: Memories of War on the St. Lawrence

Permanent exhibiton

Meanders: Memories of War

on the St. Lawrence


Meanders tells the history of the St. Lawrence River from Indian settlements until the Second World War. It is the result of over 7 years of research about the St. Lawrence naval history and the Naval Reserve of Canada.

The exhibition on Youtube