Exhibition Port at War

A Port at War


How Quebec Port's installation and environment were affected by the war between 1939 and 1945

Exhibition «FRAGMENTS»

"Fragments The Wars Heirs"


Pettigrew, Blais, Fecteau, Beaudoin and Lavoie. Five veterans and their families. Five stories depicting the impacts of war, How, these wars heirs live this post-war?


Au coeur de l'exposition Méandres



All about the Jeffy Jan II

A yacht, witness of a moment when Québec City and Canada were at the center of the world. Discover its story and its restauration process on our Facebook page.

Facebook Jeffy Jan II

Important notice



September 4 to October 2015

EVERYDAY 1000 TO 1200 AND 1300 TO 1700


For any information please call 418-694-5387 or 418-694-5560 ext. 5657 or write to info@navalmuseumofquebec.com

Meanders: Memories of War on the St. Lawrence

Permanent exhibition


Meanders, memories of war on the St.Lawrence


Meanders tells the history of the St. Lawrence River from Indian settlements until the Second World War. It is the result of over 7 years of research about the St. Lawrence naval history and the Naval Reserve of Canada.