Heirs of Wars and The Victory Torch

This summer, visit the permanent exhibition Heirs of War and listen to the stories of those who fought during WW2 througout their artifacts and the memory of their relatives. An inspiring visit.

Back in Canada for the fist time since 1941, the Victory Torch can be admired in the permanent exhibit. This unique artifact, five feet high covered with gold leaves, is the symbol of the Canadian WW2 National Effort.

Guided Tours Available

Summer opening: June 20 to October 31st, from 10:00 to 17:00 

Entering fees: Suggested contribution: 5$ 

Reservations and Information at 418-694-5387 or info@navalmuseumofquebec.com

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Visit the exhibition Jeffy Jan II

A Yacht - A War - A Legend

Commissionned in the Royal Canadian Navy and used during the 1943 Quebec Conference, the yacht has been nicknamed Churchill's Yacht. From 1939 to now, the yacht sailed on the St.Lawrence River and witnessed historical events and family holidays.

June 20 to August 27, 2017. Chantier A.C. National Historic Site of Canada in Lévis, 4 minutes from the Lévis ferry terminal along the River.

The yacht will be on display in Québec City, on the wharf, between July 18 and 23.


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