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The collections

The collection of the Naval Museum of Quebec contains thousands of artifacts. In addition to its main collection located in Quebec city, the museum contributes to the preservation of the collections of the Canadian Naval Reserve, stored in each of the 24 divisions spread across the country.

Thé museum

Meanders: Memories of War on the St. Lawrence

Permanent exhibiton

Meanders: Memories of War

on the St. Lawrence


Meanders tells the history of the St. Lawrence River from Indian settlements until the Second World War. It is the result of over 7 years of research about the St. Lawrence naval history and the Naval Reserve of Canada.

The exhibition on Youtube

Navigate the St. Lawrence River during WWII

Navigating on the river during the war was a combination of strategy, obstacle course and a lucky game. In July 1942, two months after the first torpedoings, many ships were leaving Québec heading to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where they joined the great transatlantic convoys.